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'Do you cherish your friendships, so that they grow in depth and understanding and mutual respect?' (from Quaker Advices and Queries, no. 21).


Spiritual Reading Group (SRG)

Several years ago members of Beverley Meeting formed a group to share responses to chosen books with an overtly spiritual theme. In recent years the books considered have included

The Book of Joy by The Dalai Lama & Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Julian of Norwich; Wisdom in a time of pandemic and beyond by Matthew Fox

A Speaking Silence by Quaker poets

A little book of unknowing by Jennifer Kavanagh

Quakers and Science by Helen Holt

The group has found that several sessions are required to gain most from any particular book.  Conversation around the subject of the chosen reading material enables us to learn from one another as well as about one another. However, joining the group and simply listening to the discussion is fine.

Before the Covid pandemic the group met monthly in a member's home. However, with the introduction of lockdowns, the meetings continued but by Zoom. Despite the return of the freedom to meet again in person, the group has continued to meet by Zoom. In particular, this means that no members have to travel.

The last book being read and discussed by the SRG is Open for Transformation (Being Quaker) by Ben Pink Dandelion. This is the 2014 Swarthmore Lecture book. Although written 9 years ago the group is finding the issues raised in this book to be particularly current, providing much food for thought.

The current book being read and discussed by the SRG is Quakers and Science by Helen Holt. This is one of the Quaker Quicks series.